We've been working hard and listening to feedback. Although we had hoped for release by the end of November, we want to make sure things are working well and your data is secure. Our release date has been delayed slightly but we have lots of information below so that you can prepare. 
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  • About the ROCC
  • How the online tool will work
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Training
  • How subscriptions will work
  • Release dates
  • Costs​​​​​​​ 
The ROCC will be available to start the school year of 2019
For those urgently needing access sooner, please contact rocc@roccassessment.com.au

About the ROCC

The ROCC was developed as a tool to map progress made by schools in smaller increments to ensure 2 key things:
  • There is a shared understanding of what competent communication looks like - the big picture.
  • Teams are not overwhelmed by the big picture in setting goals, prioritising strategies,  and in looking back to see what they have actually achieved. (more information available on the website - see ISAAC slide presentation). 
  • The ROCC was trialled in 6 schools and with the therapy team at Two Way Street, each time with new descriptions or changes being added. The tool and the training to accompany the tool has been modified significantly along this journey based on the way we have used it, the feedback provided, and to include the wide range of individuals/students we have scored.
  • There has been fantastic feedback and fine tuning contributions from those schools as well as experienced clinicians, researchers and families. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.
​​​​​​​Current Version
  • The current version will be ready to release before Term 1, 2019 which will include a pdf download form for use on paper, along with a subscription to the online tool which will be available at an introductory price.
  • ​​​​​​​The tool is only ever as good as its practicality for those who use it. We welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas on an ongoing basis for future versions. In the beginning there may be bugs and inconsistencies so suggested improvements or additions will be welcomed to the online component in particular. Ongoing development and updates to the online tool will take time but we welcome your input and will establish a means to do this easily or email rocc@roccassessment.com.au
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click here for more info on the ROCC...

View the ROCC presentation ISAAC 2018

How the online tool will work

Individual assessments and profiles​​​​​​

  • Schools or organisations can purchase a subscription for their site/business.
  • Anyone that is registered by a school or organisation (i.e. invited users through email address) will be able to enter ROCC scores for an individual and generate a profile graph.​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​Trained users (see training below) will be required to ‘approve’ those scores and will also have access to generate graphs for group data.
  • ​​​​​​​Any school, organisation or therapist with a subscription must have at least 1 person trained however we recommend at least 2 to avoid time delays if a staff person leaves.

Group data

  • Group data graphs will collate profiles so that general trends in specific domains of the ROCC can be reviewed.
  • We hope to also make an option to collate data for other groupings such as PODD users v’s device users, or sign v’s aided AAC users. We are unsure yet when this will be available.

Reminders, tips and shared information

  • The online tool will also give users access to report templates, reminders and ROCC tips throughout the subscription.
Future plans
  • We hope to further develop the tool based on feedback from users. As we use the tool we have seen the importance of the need for templates to report the information as well as a bank of strategies and goals based on ROCC levels and domains. We hope to build this into the ROCC in future with your support and also feedback.
  • Training options will also be available in future to focus on specific domain areas such as strategies to support Initiation, or programs and ideas to support the development of a range of pragmatic functions.
  • ​​​​​​​Online Q and A forums are also planned.

Training Options

Only trained users can approve assessments and generate group data. This is to ensure that there is an understanding of the descriptions within each level and how the data can be used to support good communication outcomes.

Face to face​​​​​​
  • Currently the only Face to face training sessions booked are those that are being carried out within a whole school consultation booking. Some training sessions are planned for 2019. 

Online webinar

  • Online webinars are planned for February 2019 subject to the release of the ROCC online. Future dates will be organised and details will be sent out soon. Please note these training webinars will be limited to 10 participants to ensure optimal learning and understanding of the tool.

​​​​​​      Click here to indicate your preferences for training.      

How an online subscription works

  • A school or organisation will subscribe to the ROCC online and nominate their data owner by email address (best to use a school email address so that this does not need to change if there is staff turnover).
  • The school can then nominate users and invite them to join their organisation. If someone works across more than one school or organisation they can be invited to join more than one. This will be useful for visiting therapists, consultants or those who work part time in different schools or organisations.
  • Trained users will be automatically given a different status to regular users. Those who have done the training will be able to approve scores and collate data. This is to ensure that the scoring is as consistent as possible across individuals within a school or organisation, and that the collated data is being viewed with a deeper understanding than can be provided by the documentation alone.  
  • A pdf version of the ROCC assessment documents and score sheet will be available for download with any subscription for those who prefer to administer in paper form and then upload scores electronically afterwards. A ‘fast data’ entry option will be available for those who choose this option to allow efficient data entry.

By therapist or individual parent/family

  • This type of subscription will be available later in 2019 and the details of subscription are to be developed but it is likely that a subscription will come with a set number of administrations of the tool and additional numbers can be purchased as required. Further details will be sent when developed.

How to subscribe

  • Details available when the ROCC online is released.  Please ensure you are signed up to the mailing list to receive updates roccassessment.com.au 
  • Subscriptions will last for 12 months and reminders will be sent to renew to ensure you have consistent access to data from year to year.
  • Data will be stored on a secure server and not in the cloud.


Introductory subscription pricing for the first year will be as follows:
  • $300 for 1 year subscription for up to 100 individuals/students
  • Additional individuals/students can be added for $15 per set of 10. (For example to include up to 160 students in your subscription, you will need to pay $300 + (6x$15) =  $390
  • At any time you will be able to deactivate  students who may have left your school so that you have space within your subscription to include new ones, or you can purchase an additional block of 10 to cover new enrolments.
Online training costs for the first year
  • A 3 hour webinar will cost around $175 per participant

More information to come as the ROCC online tool is finalised.